Helping clients buy

When °Gelst interviews our B2B clients’ buyers (typically an average of 7 stakeholders are involved, ranging from about 4 to about 30 people), it’s clear they’ve had knowledge gaps along their purchasing route.

Especially early on, before they’ve even defined the problem they seek to remedy. °Gelst believes B2B organisations have opportunities to really help their clients at critical points of the buying process.

Putting clients first

All professional services firms are client-centric in the delivery of their services. What happens if you also align progressive marketing ideas around a select group of clients? And how do those clients experience this additional attention?

Of course, your marketing efforts are already targeted. What happens, though, when you use a structured approach? When you, together with all your client-facing colleagues, focus on managing how the client perceives you, bringing your expertise and insights, and ultimately building close relationships with the client and their team?

You help grow your client's business – and your practice.

Client-centric Marketing - reaching your clients

Three key elements really make a difference to clients when it comes to choosing their advisers: Perception, Expertise and Relationships. By underpinning your client approach with these core elements, you’re on your way to achieving sustainable success.

Of course, your marketing team is hard at work to ensure you are perceived as the preferred option in the market, by specific stakeholders. At the same time, you are connecting with your major client contacts. Adding a structured approach to focus some of your marketing activities and helping bring energy and consistency to your efforts enables you to stay connected with your key clients — and, indeed, expand those connections — to dramatically enhance the impact you can have.

FOCUS on a select set of clients

STRUCTURE your approach, for impact and efficiency

Approach your clients CREATIVELY

Client Experience - what's in it for your clients?

Clients are becoming more sophisticated when it comes to choosing professional services. For many, that’s because they have brought in-house people who have professional services experience. Gelst's research confirms that clients' increasing sophistication is really good news for those firms with a well-structured approach to their key clients.


  • See you as close and approachable
  • Notice your expertise
  • Recognise your demonstrated understanding of their business and their needs
  • Appreciate your ability to help them, in a collaborative fashion, grow their business


Gelst helps firms grow through client-centric, focused marketing and sales approaches that target single clients or groups of clients. From consultancy through to execution, measurement and optimisation, we apply a structured and measured approach, as well as insights gained from our multi-year research into how and why clients buy. We provide strategy, planning, as well as any implementation services you might need. We stand beside your team every step of the way.

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